Very Vogue Dresser to Buffet Project April 11 2015, 0 Comments

Do you ever look at a piece of furniture and instantly know what you are going to do with it?  That is exactly what happened with this dresser.  My cousin offered it to me and I of course took it with no hesitation. We just got in the new color Vogue and I have been waiting for the perfect piece to experiment with the new hue... This was it! 

Here is the before pic:

As you can see it needed a little bit of Shabby Paints love!  

Now for the transformation!  I started by taking out all of the drawer pulls. A few were missing, so I knew I would have to be thoughtful on the new pulls that I would have to buy.  As for the ones on the piece, I wanted to use those where I could to ensure I kept some of the natural character of the piece.  I love painting handles and knobs, much more than buying new ones!  

The piece was really old and had quite a bit of residue and build up so I wanted to ensure that I was working with a clean surface.  To start I took heavy grit sand paper (60) and did a quick sand.  When I say quick, I mean 2 minutes tops. I just quickly went over the surface area to scruff it up. Because of the heavy grit, I had some deep sanding marks, so I then quickly followed with fine grit sand paper.  My next step was to clean.  I took a mix of 50/50 vinegar and warm water and wiped the piece down.  The first go round was to get all the dust off from sanding.  Then I got a new towel to finishing cleaning with the vinegar/water mix and worked to ensure that the piece was debris free. Last step was to go over one more time with just plain water.  Please note this very important step - the vinegar and water mixture if not wiped off can impede the paint from adhering properly.  

Ok... now on the the fun part!

I opened a 16oz jar of Vogue and let me tell you, I got really excited! :).  Isn't this color absolutely gorgeous??!!

I am also using a Cling On! O45 brush which I love and use for about every project. Let me tell you, if you have not used a Cling On! and you are a serious painter, you are missing out!  I let the brush sit in water about 5 minutes before using and wiped the excess water off with a towel before dipping into the paint.  

I painted the entire base with Vogue, letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next. While this is a darker color, it does not have the best coverage.  This piece took me a good 4 coats to achieve the deepness I was looking for. While 4 coats may seem to be a lot, the end result is worth it!  For this piece I used almost the entire container of a 16oz Vogue.  For the top I used Buffalo Brown, only two coats on the top was plenty to get the coverage I needed.  

Once the piece was completely dry, I moved on to the finishing process.  I applied a coat of Sheer Vax to the entire piece with my O45 Cling On! then let dry.  Because there was so many details on this piece, I wanted to highlight them, being careful not to go overboard.  I added a little Alamo White to my dish with Vax and very lightly dabbed my brush into the Alamo and Vax. When I say little, I mean a teeny tiny bit!  Sorry I forgot to take a picture!  Starting in the corners I literally rubbed the product into the piece until it was not spreading any longer. I went through the process of getting a dab more paint/VAX on my brush and blending into the piece. Here is the look that I was able to achieve.  

As a final step I did one last coat of Sheer Vax on the entire piece.  

For the handles, I boiled then in a 1:3 ratio of vinegar and water for about 30 minutes.  I removed one by one and wiped off with a towel. This is a great way to get the dirt and grime off!  I used some Alamo White and just lightly coated. I did not want them pure white, so I only did one coat.  I then sanded around the details with very fine grit sand paper.  As a last step I applied two coats of Sheer VAX, allowing to dry between coats.  I had two matching knobs that I used for the top two side drawers and I used a long handle from Hobby Lobby for the top drawer.  

Here is the end result! 

Now that is a beauty!  All-in-all I used around $25-30 in Shabby Paint products and was able to create an absolutely beautiful unique piece that will stand out in any room of the house!  This one is actually going to one of my best friends so I will get to enjoy her for years!  :)

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