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I absolutely love different shades of grey!  I recently did a dresser that turned out to be one of my favorite pieces ever!  It looked like almost like slate.  I was in LOVE with the results; it was actually the only thing my husband was upset about me selling!  I received a little side table that my mom scored at a garage sale for FREE!!!  I hear it was quite the story watching her try to put it in the back of her Honda, but like me, she's certainly not going to miss out on a bargain!

I know, I know, you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation on how I achieved this right??!!  You will be amazed how simple and fun it was to create this look, if you love playing with your paints, then this is for you. 


For this piece I used the following Shabby Paints Products (all of which you can find in the "shop" section of my website).

  • Garfield Grey
  • Snow White
  • Licorice
  • Shabby Varnish
  • Oh So Shabby 

To achieve the results of this little beauty on your own piece, here are the step by step instructions;

  1. Paint your piece with one coat of Shabby Paints Garfield Grey. I only used one coat, as I knew if the coverage was not great, I would hide it with the new few steps. 
  2. Lightly cover your piece with Shabby Varnish and let completely dry. 
  3. Mix a 1:2 ratio of Shabby Paints Licorice to Shabby Varnish and stir together. I used about 1 tablespoon of licorice and two tablespoons of Varnish.  I just did this on a small paper plate, but you can certainly use a bowl, container or whatever you have handy to mix up the paint.  This is a similar concept of the Shabby ReVAX.
  4. With a damp sponge or brush, lightly dip into the Licorice/Varnish mixture.  With long stokes, you will gently and quickly go over your piece.  Start at one side and go straight to the other, being careful not to stop without fully going side to side.  Make sure your brush/sponge is almost rid of all the Licorice/Varnish mixture before repeating.  You will want to do thin coats to work up to your desired results or darkness. This is what the table looked like after the Licorice/Varnish Coat.  
  5. Once you previous layer dries, mix up the white layer.  Mix 1 part Shabby Paints Snow White to 2 parts Shabby Varnish. 

  6. Again, with a damp sponge or brush, lightly dip into the Snow White / Varnish Mixture.  From the picture above, you can see I really only put a small amount on my sponge.  Less is more, always keep that in mind. It is easier to add layers then to try to take away.  You will want to work side to side.  When you first put it on you can see it looks really bright, but keep lightly going back and forth to smooth and blend the white to the rest of the piece. 

  7. I finished the table by painting the handle with Oh So Shabby and finishing with Varnish.  You can of course use any color that you might like!

I hope this helps you create a stunning piece that you will be proud of!  You don't have to use all the colors I did, feel free to experiment with different color combinations, your options are endless!!!  


Here is the first piece I did with this technique. Two different types of material and the results were very similar.  


Happy Painting!