Why I LOVE Shabby Paints! May 28 2014, 0 Comments

I have been painting furniture for about two years now.  I started with another chalk brand which I liked, but the part I did not like was the waxing. I would dread that part, wondering how I could get around it. It was nothing short of an abondance of elbow grease and not to mention, it smelled like gas!  In addition, I have two small children and painting in my house I felt was not the safest environment for them.  After about a year I decided to look at some other paint brands, that is when I found Shabby Paints.  I placed my first order and received EXCELLENT customer service, after painting my first piece with Shabby Paints I was sold!  

I reached out to Shabby Paints just to thank them for the fabulous customer service and product and that is where it all started! I got an immediate response back.  In addition, in as little as a few weeks I was selling the paint that I have come to love!

Let me share with you a few other reasons I LOVE Shabby Paints.  The color selection and finishes are amazing. If there is not a color that I need, I am sure to find it by mixing a few colors.  I am a big believer in "play with your paint".  Not only does it allow you to use your creativity, but the color combinations are endless to create that one of a kind piece.  With Shabby Paints there is no more waxing - did I say NO MORE WAXING??!!!  The top coat comes in either a shiny finish (Shabby Varnish) or a matte finish (VAX), plus there are a variety of tinted finishes called ReVAX such as Pearl, Glitter, Black and Hazelnut to name a few.  The finish just gets brushed or sponged on (I have to say it again, no waxing!!).  It is a breeze, plus the durability of the finishes are really like a varnish or shellac.  Waxes break down overtime and need to be re-applied, not VAX, Varnish or ReVAX!!!

Shabby Paints are also VOC free and made in the USA.  What a win-win!  The owner of the company has the best interest of her customers at heart, which is so admirable. I am also one of many Shabby Stylists and I could not have asked for a better group of gals to work with. They are inspiring, lift each other up and are just beyond words awesome!

Of course I can go on and on, but I will stop for now!  For more information on Shabby Paints feel free to reach out to me by visiting the contact section of website!  If you are looking to get started on your own project, visit my online shop and order some Shabby Paints today - you will be glad you did! :)