Thinking Outside the Hutch... October 08 2016, 0 Comments

My father recently passed away and I was left with a garage full of odds and ends.  One of the items in there was a top to an old hutch.  I had no idea what to do with it other than tossing it. I asked my friend and ultimately talented painter Shaun from Painted Clovers if she wanted it.  Even her creative mind couldn't think of something to do with it and let me tell you friends, she is amazingly creative!  

Here is what I was working with. I know right, what the heck can I do with this!?

Ok so long story short I knew I did not want to toss it so I did what anyone would do...  I went to Pinterest!  I am happy to say Pinterest did not disappoint and I had some ideas to get this project started!!  I had the inspiration needed to turn this ugly duckling into a display cabinet.  

I took the piece home and got it all cleaned up.  When I am prepping a piece I generally scruff it up quickly with sand paper, then clean with a 50/50 water to vinegar mix.  

There were a few repairs I had to make, starting with putting a new piece of wood on the bottom as the base.  I simply cut a piece of wood to replace the current base that was falling apart and fixed it to the bottom with a nail gun and screws.  

Next I went to Lowe's and purchased 4 table leg plates and legs.  I could not find an on-line link to the legs I used but there is a nice selection in store as well.  Here are a few pictures of the plates and legs being attached.

Look how easy this is!!!

Since it was already flipped over, I went ahead and painted the legs.  This was much easier than trying to paint with it right side up!

For this piece I chose Shabby Paint's Vanilla Bear and So Serene. If you have been following me for a while you probably know this is my ultimate favorite color combination!!!  I painted the base with Vanilla Bear and the back and handles with So Serene.  The cabinet is finished with a light wash of So Serene and two coats of Shabby Paint's VAX.  

Here is the completed piece!! I have to tell you that I was so proud of what I was able to do with a partial piece that was broken and worn.  How do you think it turned out?