Kitchen Cabinet Make-over May 22 2016, 0 Comments

OK friends, I am in love with this kitchen transformation.  We went from dark and blah to incredibly fresh and wow!  Let me tell you how easy transforming your kitchen can be with Shabby Paints!

For this particular make over I used the following items:

Getting Started...

The most important step in painting kitchen cabinets is to clean them. I can't stress this enough. In most well loved kitchen there are years of grease and grim on the cabinets. Unless that is removed you will not have a good base for your paint to grab  onto, which can cause chipping, scratching and peeling down the road.  I know what you are thinking... who wants to clean cabinet doors - but trust me on this one - it will be worth it!!!  

Before we get started, here is the "Before"

I started by removing all the cabinet doors and hardware.  Next I did a quick scruff with sandpaper. While this is not necessary, it does allow you to ensure you are getting any layers of dirt and oil off the cabinets. In addition, it gives your paint something to sink it's teeth into. Given cabinets are in a high traffic area, I do recommend this step.  Next I cleaned really well with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water.  The last step was wiping off the vinegar mix with warm water.  You will want to following these same steps in preparing the base of the cabinets as well.  

Ok, on to painting!! I used a variety of Cling On! Brushes for this project.  My go to is always the Cling On! 045, in which I used for the doors.  For the base I switched back and forth between by F30 and R16.  I laid all the doors out on covered tables and my floor (of course covered with old towels and blankets.  I painted the doors in two batches:  Lillian Gray for the bottoms and Alamo White for the tops.  When the front of the cabinets were complete, I applied two layers of Shabby Paints VAX.  As a reminder - no more than two layers of VAX in a 24 hour period.  Next I flipped the doors over and sanded down any paint that might have pooled up on the backs.  Then off to painting again!  I painted the back sides and VAXed.  As a side note, it took about 4 coats of Alamo and 2 coats of Lillian Gray.  Painting with white will always take more coats.  

Now it was time for the base of the cabinet!  I painted the base and applied as many coats needed for the color I was using.  After the paint was dry, I applied the two coats of VAX.  For the VAX application, I switch between using my brush and blue sponge.  It is really a preference on how you want to apply the VAX and what applicator works best for you.  

For cabinets, I would recommend doing 2-4 coats of VAX. Remember though, you should not apply more than two THIN coats in a 24 hour time period.  

Next the doors went up and the knobs were fixed back to the doors.  

In terms of amount used of each product, I did not keep track exactly but as a rough estimate I used about 2 quarts of Lillian Gray, 3 Quarts of Alamo White and Under 16oz of VAX.  Now that is a cabinet make-over totaling less than $200 and who can beat that??!! (Please note:  Each make-over will be different and require different amounts of paint, this was just a general estimate based on this transformation)

Are you ready to see the dramatic make-over??!!  What do you think?