DIY Ombre Artwork May 21 2016, 0 Comments

I absolutely love making my own artwork!  Putting art on my walls, well that is another story... 

This project I am going to share with you is super easy and only took about 15 minutes to make - no kidding!  You can use any dark base color, so that you achieve the ombre as you continue to add white to it.

I started by putting about 1/8 cup of Shabby Paints Vogue into a dish.  I used my fabulous Cling On O40!  and dipped it into the Vogue.  

Using a canvas, I did one long stroke starting at the top left side and all the way down to the bottom. I rinsed my brush off and patted it dry before moving onto the next color strip. Be sure to pat your brush dry after each use, or it will be watery and the consistency will look different across your canvas. 

I then mixed about a teaspoon of Shabby Paints Alamo White into my bowl of Vogue.  

I put some paint on my brush again and did another long stroke down (top to bottom) with the new Alamo and Vogue mix.  I kept repeating this process with each stoke (rinse brush, pat dry, mix teaspoon of Alamo into Vogue mix, put paint on brush and long stroke next to the previous paint stripe).  Continue this process until you get to the edge of your canvas. 

You can see how the color becomes lighter and lighter with each stripe of paint.  

Here is my masterpiece!

Be creative and have fun!  You can even use two different colors such as blue and red to work to a purple - option are endless!   Now it's your turn, go make some art!