Go Big or Go Home... Handmade Media Cabinet April 03 2016, 0 Comments

When I get something in my head, I have to do it. I mean there is no turning back, regardless of time, space, resources, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I even pick out a color before I have the piece or before I build the piece.  As the story goes for this project too... I knew I wanted to make a sideboard and I knew I wanted to use this stormy blue that I recently mixed for a kitchen cabinet makeover.  

With my idea in my, I do what anyone would do... I start browsing Pinterest of  course!

I happened to come across a sideboard from Shanty 2 Chic and I quickly knew that would be my next project.  (Side bar: if you have not visited the Shanty 2 Chic blog do it now... NOW!  The projects are amazing!)  There was also a link in the blog post for the plans too - score! 

I quickly printed the plans and got to work!  

I started by getting all my boards cut exactly as they were laid out in the plans.  I went to Lowe's to purchase the material and was extremely lucky to have a wonderful store that will cut wood down for me as needed.  I had them rip the plywood boards to the width I needed, which saved a lot of time (and mess...).  The rest of the boards I cut with my miter saw.  

Once I had everything cut, I did one additional measurement to ensure that everything was exact so that I would not have to back track once I started putting everything together.  It's hard to believe we can turn these pieces of wood into a beautiful piece of furniture.

For this project I used 3/4″ pocket holes and 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws, as well as Gorilla Wood Glue between the boards for extra hold. 

Here is the front frame... Oh yes, that is my kitchen floor.... It was really easy putting all the boards together with my Kreg Jig®. - I have the basic one, the Kreg Jig® HD. I wish I would have just gotten the bigger kit, but this will work for now.  


These are the side frames.  I did have a slight mess up on this part, but it did not affect the overall project.  The bottom board was to be within the frame and not at the edge, but I was able to hide the mess up by getting a shorter piece of bottom trim.  Hey, it's not a project until you fall of the plans, right?

Once I had the side and front frames put together, I started to assemble by attaching them to the plywood boards.  I also cut 3 blocks and put them under the middle for extra support.  Sorry, forgot to take a picture of that step!  I wanted to be sure that over time the middle did not start to sag.  I have seen so many cabinets that have a fallen middle, I did not want that to happen here.  

Given I used a regular grade plywood, the piece was rather ruff.  I used a little wood filler in the deep holes, then I took it outside and did a nice sand with my Orbital sander.  While I wanted a rough look, I also wanted to ensure that there were no splintery areas.  

After I was done sanding, I added some trim pieces along the bottom and sides.  Next, I took to it with some Shabby Paints.  I used a custom mix that I recently used for one of my client's kitchen cabinet make-over. The mix was 7 parts Garfield Grey, 5 parts Marine Blue and 1 part Buffalo Brown.  Interested in making your own mix - then head over to my color mixer and mix to your hearts content!  I finished with a touch of Dark Chocolate Gelato mixed with Shabby Paints Sheer Vax. 

Next I cut some boards for the shelves and then got a large project board cut for the back.  For all of these pieces, I finished with Shabby Paints Dark Chocolate Gelato

I installed the back by using an brad nailer and I used shelving pegs to install the two shelves on each side.  

Ok, here is where I totally ventured off my plans... Once I got the piece painted and the back on, I knew I did not want to cover it up with doors.  But, I also knew I needed something on the front so that it was not be wide open either. Given the style, I decided to go with a sliding track door, which I ordered from Ebay.  

For the door, I cut some scrape wood down and put them together with glue and pocket holes/screws.  I covered the back with a small strip of wood to cover the holes.  Sorry, again did not get a picture!  

Before Gelato

Before Gelato

I topped the door with Shabby Paints Dark Chocolate Gelato too.  

Next I installed the hardware per the instructions and assembled the piece.  When I put it together, I literally stood back and almost cried!  

After picture 

After picture